What Did The New Dead Rising 3 Patch Do?

A couple days ago we revealed a news article about a patch for Dead Rising 3 that was a total of 13GB to download. No one was really sure what the patch promised to do, but it is now confirmed – the patch was meant to improve performance… Well it didn’t really fix anything according to this gameplay.

Dead Rising 3 has had some major frame rate issues during launch, so releasing a patch to fix performance makes a lot of sense. But releasing a patch that does basically nothing doesn’t make a lot of sense. Especially with a hefty 13GB download that comes along with the patch. The patch only adds on about 1.5GB to the actual game file, while the entire download is more or less just a waste of data.

Before the patch was downloaded, frame rates varied from the usual 30fps down to around 20 during heavy action. It turns out that after the patch, nothing had changed, the game would still drop down to 20fps on occasion.

With the performance still being sluggish at times, we can hope maybe next time Capcom won’t release such huge updates without making sure they work first.