Minecraft Snapshot 14w04b Now Available From Mojang, Update In Client

As is usual, Nathan “Dinnerbone” Adams, developer at Mojang, has tweeted out this weeks Minecraft snapshot, 14w04b, which brings more than a handful of bug-fixes and a couple new and updated features.


In previous versions, there were severe balance issues, causing 100% rare loot drops from mobs and dungeons not spawning.  Other bugs like rendering issues for framed items, items on the ground, and grass textures under snow were noted in the bug notes.

Additions include:

  • Item frames can be used with Comparators
  • Villager AI overhaul
  • Loot rebalance, 1% chance of rare loot down from 100%
  • Golems and Zombie Pigmen drop items
  • Dispensers can spawn iron golems, snow golems and withers with the proper head piece
  • Bushes can be set on fire

The full bug-fix list and change log can be found on the Mojang website.  Dozens of bugs were addressed and fixed in this update, though when many bugs are fixed, many tend to creep up.  Keep an eye out here for upcoming Minecraft snapshots.  See previous update.

Source: @Dinnerbone and Mojang