The Last of Us GOTY, Uncharted 4 “Doubtful” In 2014

Naughty Dog has revealed that its “doubtful” we’ll see both The Last of Us Game of the Year Edition and Uncharted 4 come out in 2014. Community strategist Eric Monacelli announced the news when responding to a fan on PS Blog asking if we’ll see both games this year. He answered, “Ha. Doubtful.”

Uncharted is one of Playstation’s flagship franchises, and one of the main reasons why most people purchased the PS4 in the first place. It was long rumored that Naughty Dog were developing an Uncharted game for the PS4, and those rumors proved to be true when the studio revealed a brief trailer on the PS4’s launch in New York.

The trailer is as brief as they come, only revealing subtle details as to what the next entry in the series will be about, and where it’ll take place. As for The Last of Us Game of the Year edition, many presumed that this new edition will make its way to the PS4 as well, and maybe perhaps that is the reason of its delay.

Either way, we expect to see more of Uncharted at Sony’s E3 press conference this year.