Spellforce 2 demons of the past feature

Chamber of Game: SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past

Platform: Windows PC
Developer: Nordic Games
Publisher: Nordic Games
Release Date: 1/16/2014


In this episode of Chamber of Game, Eric and Andrew hop into their metaphorical DeLorean to travel all the way back to the primordial era of 2006 – when SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars was released. This episode covers the third and final expansion released for the venerable RTS-RPG franchise, Demons of the Past, squeezing every last drop out of the aging engine and interface and paving the way for the upcoming long-awaited sequel, SpellForce 3.

We take a peek at the very RPG-heavy campaign which follows the story of an Elder Shaikan as he or she meets old friends and foes from the franchise (many who had died thanks to a trip to the afterlife) and gains new allies to stop the never-before-seen in video games threat of Ancient Demonic Evil. We also play through one of the RTS modes – Domination, which grants a ton of resources right from the beginning and tasks you with taking and holding various control points. Eric quickly learns an important universal truth – a small army of artillery lobbing demon bears can pretty much take over the world.

SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past is available on Steam and GoG for $19.99. It’s a stand-alone expansion that does not require the base game.

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