Sailor Moon Retrospective Review Part 6: Exit Jedite

For the sixth part of this retrospective review of Sailor Moon, I will be taking a look at the tenth episode. Unlike the previous couple of episodes, this one is not filler but is rather pure story advancement. Jedite takes a permanent vacation to the afterlife, only to be replaced by Nephlite as Queen Beryl’s number two.

In short, Jedite is in some hot water because of his constant failures and inability to realize that maybe he should suggest moving all Negaverse activities to another city where there are no sailor scouts to interfere with their plans. However, since these guys are basically Saturday morning cartoon villains, they aren’t capable of any thought process beyond evil laughter and coming up with plans that could never possibly work. Queen Beryl is also fed up with Jedite’s failures and tells him that unless he can kill the Sailor Scouts he will be put into eternal sleep (AKA he is going to be killed, because DIC butchered this anime series and didn’t want to imply that anyone is actually killed in this show but more on that later.)

smr6_screenshot2So Jedite finally comes up with a plan that he probably should have attempted earlier, and presents a challenge to the Sailor Scouts via magic in the sky. If they don’t go to the Airport and face him in a duel, he will destroy the entire city. I have no idea why he didn’t attempt this sooner, as learning the identity of the Sailor Scouts would have been helpful for him earlier on in the game. Also, the characters in this show can be a little unrealistic at times. I mean, I get why the Sailor Scouts have to go to the Airport, but for the rest of the students, who in their right mind would think it is a good idea to go to an Airport in the middle of the night because a giant hologram in the sky told a certain group to go? At least Serena was able to talk them out of it, which is surprisingly responsible and mature for her.

Also, there is a scene that was rather amusing. As usual, Serena encounters Darien in her daily routine and he makes fun of her. But this time was especially funny in a rather ironic way given that I know what is going to happen. Darien mocks the supposed guy that is in love with Serena, saying they must not be all that smart themselves. Kind of shooting yourself in the foot there, aren’t you Darien? Especially since he is going to become Serena’s Boyfriend later on. Oh yeah, spoiler warning by the way.

smr6_screenshot3The Sailor Scouts go to the Airport and are ambushed by what appears to be Policemen who are under the control of the Negaverse. According to Mercury they are actually not people but are rather made out of mud, although this reeks heavily of another certain anime that was censored and butchered mercilessly. The example I’m citing is the old version of the Dragon Ball Z dub in which Nappa clearly kills an entire block worth of people in one attack, but then a radio broadcast claims that no one was in the area at the time even though those streets were jam packed. So while I’m fairly sure that those Policemen were real people, I can’t be 100% sure as I unfortunately do not have the original version of the anime on hand.

Jedite is clearly able to fight on his own, yet instead he chooses to animate some Airplanes and drive them at the Sailor Scouts. I’ll give him points for finding a creative way of trying to kill someone, even if it does seem a little inefficient and over the top. Tuxedo Mask shows up and it seems like there is going to be an impressive fight between him and Jedi, only to lead to disappointment. They spin around a few times and then Jedi kicks Tuxedo Mask into the water. Probably another censored scene in Sailor Moon unfortunately, one of many that feel unnecessary (but more on that much later.)

smr6_screenshot6But at the very least, the Sailor Scouts actually do something for once. Through team work, they lead all the Airplanes to point toward Jedite and then Sailor Mars uses a spell to reverse Jedi’s magic so that the Airplanes go after him instead. One massive collision later, Jedite retreats to the Negaverse. He attempts to present information to Queen Beryl in exchange for his life and unfortunately for him that does not work. Queen Beryl turns Jedite into a massive Popsicle and he disappears, and the episode ends with Nephlite making his appearance along with the Sailor Scouts realizing that getting kicked into the water is, surprisingly, not the end for Tuxedo Mask.

At least with Nephlite’s arrival, the story will advance forward, even if there will be some filler padding the season as we go. But as far as Queen Beryl’s elite minions go: One down, three to go. Also, it is only a matter of time now before Sailor Jupiter makes her first appearance as well, and I look forward to that episode.

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