New Horror Game Daylight Video: ATLUS Staff Crapping Their Pants, And A Little Info

Daylight is a new horror game by veteran zombie developers Zombie Studios. It looks essentially like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but with a twist. The twist is a procedurally generated gameworld- so every time you start the game anew, the mazey hospital you wake up in has a different layout. And your only source of light is a mobile phone.

In a new promotional video for the game, Zombie Studios took several ATLUS staff and put them in a dark room. They then forced the individuals to play Daylight. And filmed their experience. (Not to mention making loud noises behind them.)

See the video below.

It’s clearly a pretty tongue-in-cheek piece of promotional material, but there are still a few smidgens of information in the clip. Probably the most notable one is Jason, the ATLUS Editor. His exact phrase is “she’s still there.”

This suggests a passive, stationary, or tracking enemy who pursues the player.  Could it be an enemy much like Slender, from the independent indie game based on the creepy pasta (or scary meme myth.)

The staff also comment on the small amount of light offered by the mobile phone to not be a great help. As a gigantic horror coinossuer, I reckon a mobile phone as a source of light is a rather ingenious, surprisingly not done gimmick.

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