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Chamber of Game: Blackguards

Platform: Windows PC
Release Date: 1/22/2014


Daedalic Entertainment is best known for creating high quality, narrative driven adventure games, but in their latest release they break new ground with an ambitious turn-based strategy-RPG. Blackguards lets you choose your hero from Warrior, Mage, and Hunter using the popular role playing system in Germany, The Dark Eye. While The Dark Eye has been spotted in a few semi-recent RPGs such as Drakensang and even Daedalic’s own adventure games, this is the first Dark Eye game we’ve seen that utilizes a unique turn based tactical combat grid since the old Realms of Arkania trilogy.

Join Eric and Andrew as they dive headfirst into the distinctly European fantasy setting and explore the impressively large world map, work with some shady dwarves in a nearby town, and get a taste of the all important combat with some ruffians in a warehouse.

This Blackguards gameplay video was recorded using the free demo which grants access to the entire first chapter; find it on Steam.

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  1. SerialViewer

    Despite it crashing on you, this actually looks really interesting, I dig the Heroes of Might and Magic style combat inside an RPG idea.

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