Pokemon Trading Card XY Expansion Coming Soon

For those of you who are still playing the long-running Pokemon trading card game, the much-anticipated XY expansion will be coming soon to lend your deck some reinforcements.  Available February 5th, the XY expansion will add Mega Evolutions,  Fairy-type Pokemon, new Pokemon-EX and much more.

10-card booster packs will be available for $3.99, and will have the usual assortment of common, uncommon and a rare card.  You can check out some of the new cards and Mega Evolutions below.  That Mega Venesaur-EX in particular looks pretty nasty, and I am excited to see what some of the new Pokemon bring to the table.

Mega Venusaur_EX card

Mega Blastoise_EX card











For those of you who, like me, have given up on Pokemon cards a long time ago, now might be a perfect place to jump back in.  I know I wish I still had my awesome fighting deck, but alas, time takes all things.  In addition to the new Mega Evolutions and XY generation Pokemon, the new expansion comes with a slew of new items and trainer cards to give you a tactical edge.

Fairy Garden Trainer card

Aromatisse card











Are you excited about the new Mega Evolutions?  What about that incredible artwork?  Leave us a comment with your thoughts!