Playstation Plus in February Gets a Nice Lineup

A blog post from Playstation today let the world know what games would be free during the upcoming month of February. The upcoming games are actually fairly large titles and make for a great month to be subscribed to PS+.

Coming January 29th to PS+ are as follows:

-Metro Last Light



Metro Last Light is a critically acclaimed game made by a Russian studio. You can expect lots of horror and some great first person shooting.



-Bioshock Infinite



Bioshock Infinite is also highly recognized and loved by people worldwide. It is a first person shooter with a great story.


-Dynasty Warriors Next



Dynasty Warriors Next is a lesser known Vita game. While it mainly focuses on combat, it may be interesting to some people.


-Modnation Racers: Road Trip



Roadtrip is ModNation racers for PS Vita. Expect a Playstation themed, easy-to-pickup racer.


Coming February 5th:




Outlast is a well known survival horror game that will make you crap yourself. That’s enough expalining.

To anyone subscribed to Playstation Plus, they have a good month to look forward to. Since the launch of the PS4, many people had claimed that since PS+ would be more mainstream, the quality of games would go down because Sony would be making more money. Well, this lineup appears to debunk that speculation, because these games at launch did cost quite a bit of money, and are still fantastic titles.