Sentry Knight

Flash Game of the Week: Sentry Knight

Imagine being alone in a guard tower and having an army of monsters and demons come charging at you, and all you have is your trusty bow and arrow. That is the situation with Sentry Knight, a fun defense-oriented game that will keep you entertained for a decent amount of time.

In Sentry Knight, it is your duty to defeat hordes of enemies as they try to take down you and your guard tower.  There are eight levels to conquer and each one gets progressively harder. There is also an endless mode that allows you to take on enemies until you either grow bored or your tower falls.

The gameplay for Sentry Knight is simple as you control the archer through your mouse. Your mouse acts as your crosshair and arrows are shot wherever your mouse is pointed on the screen.  There are also magic spells that you can learn that allow you to burn, poison or freeze your enemies. As you fight and defeat enemies you gain experience points that allow you to level up. Every time you level you gain one skill point which can be spent towards a new spell, upgrading an existing spell, or improving your bow’s stats. You also gain gold from shooting down enemies that can be spent at the blacksmith where you can improve your bow or improve your tower’s defenses.

What makes Sentry Knight shine is how well it is balanced and how little grinding you need to do to beat levels. Each level is challenging in its own way but you never feel like the computer is being unfair to you. Also, there is a large roster of enemies that you have to fight off and each one has its own quirks that make them a little bit different to fight.

One thing that I really like about Sentry Knight are the trade animals. In certain levels there are animals that come around and will give you extra gold if you do not accidentally kill them before they reach your tower. This is a cool twist because they come through the same lanes as your enemies so you have to be careful in making sure that your arrows hit the monsters and not the animals. In later levels there are trade crows that you have to kill in order to get a gold bonus.

Sentry Knight is a fun game that can not only kill some time but is also perfect for those that want to try a different gaming experience.

You can play Sentry Knight at Kongregate at:

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