Capcom Ships One Million Copies of Dead Rising 3 In Its First Month

Capcom, developer of the Dead Rising series, announced today that the shipments of Dead Rising 3 have risen to over 1 million copies worldwide.  Given the fact that Dead Rising 3 was released on a relatively fresh console, it’s surprising to see such a high demand across the platform.  By the end of 2013, Microsoft had moved 3 million Xbox One consoles, which means that the proportion of Xbox One owners that are buying the game is significant.

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This news may or may not be significant.  The demand for the game may be high, causing retailers to stock up on the title anticipating high sales.  What remains to be seen is the actual register sales of the title, which given many reviews, is likely to continue rising for months to come.  Dead Rising 3 had generally positive reviews on Metacritic, scoring a 78 among critics, and slightly worse among gamers, at 6.6 out of 10.  Gamer reviews tend to be skewed by people with irrational expectations of the game, however, and there are many very low scores given to the game, despite many redeeming factors.

Source: Capcom (via ShackNews)