Nintendo Lists Refurbished Wii U On Sale On The Online Store

Nintendo recently posted a page on the Nintendo Online Store selling a refurbished Wii U Deluxe set featuring Nintendo Land for $250.  How limited this offer is is unknown, but the fact that Nintendo has their own refurbished machines is of note.

The Wii U console hit the market in November 2012, and since then has failed to hit sales goals set by Nintendo.  The current retail price for the system is $300, but the unpopular nature of the system, especially compared to its predecessor, means that it can be found on eBay for much cheaper than market price.

The sales of Wii U spiked last month on the heels of holiday gift giving, but Nintendo’s sales goals were not met, and they’ve since cut back the expected sales mark of 9 million consoles down to a more reasonable 2.8 million consoles in the 2014 fiscal year.

Wii U’s future is a little rocky, and sales could be kick-started by a price cut.  This could be Nintendo’s way of testing the price point waters.

Source: PureNintendo