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Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition Coming To PC

Capcom has announced today that it’ll be re-releasing Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD edition for the PC only; a game that is regarded to be the best entry in the long-running horror franchise.

The title will release on February 28 and will run on 60 FPS for the first time. This edition will contain a plethora of visual improvements such as texture upgrades on environments, sharpened texts, and better looking character models. Players who pre-order the game on Steam will gain access to a digital artbook and a 60-track soundtrack for no additional costs.

This Ultimate HD Edition will be available at retail in Europe and on Steam globally and will cost $19.99 / €19.99.

Resident Evil 4 originally released back in 2005 for GameCube, and was subsequently ported over to numerous platforms including the Playstation 2 and Wii. The game then received its first HD makeover in 2011, alongside Code Veronica X, and was brought to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

This 4th entry marked a dramatic departure for the series and was the first 3rd-person, over-the-shoulder, action-oriented title. While some do deem it the best Resident Evil game, it has been criticized for inspiring the heavy focus on action that later entries would include.

(Source: Gameinformer)

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