Gamestop Raises Prices Again

So I wrote an article two days ago about Gamestop (Canadian only) raising their prices on most new and upcoming games by $5. Well this is definitely not a good thing for anyone buying games there, and here comes the even worse news. Gamestop is now charging $10 extra on not all, but most upcoming games including:

Watch Dogs – 69.99

Destiny – 69.99

Dying Light – 69.99

And so on… Gamestop is really doing their best job to nickel and dime people on just about everything that they can. People who pre-ordered these games hadn’t been too happy. They had to put at least $5 down on the game, and now the prices are being raised furthermore, but since they put the money down there is a large chance of them still purchasing the game. This move is definitely odd considering the pricing for Gamestop’s competition has stayed the same.

The reasoning behind this is that the Canadian dollar has lowered, it’s equivalent to .91 USD at the moment. So $69.99 CAD is about equivalent to $60 USD. If you are interested in buying either of those games, with tax and a warranty you can expect paying around $85.

This definitely came out of nowhere and is quite a bit of extra money needing to be spent on games. The future will show what Gamestop holds in it’s pricing, and we’ll have to wait until then to find out.