1-14-2014 12-32-18 AM

First Impressions: Catlateral Damage: A Fun Catastrophe in Your Room

Catlateral Damage is for cat owners who wonder if their cats just knock over their stuff for the fun of it. Turns out there might be a reason why your cat loves to knock over that book on your shelf.

Catlateral Damage allows players to control a cat via a first person view with the goal to cause as much mayhem as possible in two minutes. In order to win you must cause over 100,000 points of damage. You can gain points by knocking items on the ground with either your left or right paws.

This simple premise has a lot of potential and even though there is only the one basic mode so far it is still a blast to play. There is something just so satisfying about hearing a flat screen TV hit the floor or seeing a row of DVDs tumble to the ground one after the other as they fall victim to your mighty paws. There are plenty of avenues you can take to get over 100,000 points and you’re free to choose your destructive path to victory. Maybe it is because I am a cat owner but I just couldn’t stop myself from grinning the whole time while playing.

The game’s core mechanics are solid and the gameplay’s foundation is strong and could be the basis for many different game types, such as the recently announced Cat Ops mode where you have to knock over items without causing too much damage.

There is something adorable about embodying a cat as cat owners always wonder what our cats are doing when our backs are turned or why they love to jump to the highest cabinet or shelf. It’s also pretty satisfying to see the mayhem you just caused from the top of a shelf.

So far I am very impressed from what I have seen from Catlateral Damage and can not wait to see what the developer will do from here. Even in its unfinished state I could see myself still playing if I want to kill a couple of minutes in the near future.

You can pick up the download for Catlateral Damage at: http://www.catlateraldamage.com/play

You can also vote for Catlateral Damage on Steam Greenlight at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=216373443

You can check out my playthrough of Catlateral Damage below.