Bug Log Lists PC Version Of GTA V

A PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 might come after all. A 150-page bug log that details issues from hundreds of GTA 5 builds tested between April 2009 and August 2013 were discovered by PC Gamer that specifically references a “PC version” of the game as early as June 2012.

But most importantly, and interestingly, the document contains over 170 references to bugs that only pertain to the PC version of the game.

“The document contains over 170 references to PC development bugs, numerous notes on DX11 support and a related ‘smog’ weather setting, mention of a ‘lastgen’ toggle used during development and bugs relating to 64-bit system testing,” PC Gamer writes.

Alongside this document, a petition to bring over Grand Theft Auto V to PC has been in existence since the game’s launch. It has received over 650,000 signatures.

Several different analysts were also confident to state that the game would eventually make its way onto PCs, specifically this year. Thiago Diniz, an executive from Brazilian digital retailer Nuveem, gave an exact date for the release, March 12th.

“I see no problem talking. I think until now been confirmed. Is scheduled for March on PC, if I’m not mistaken, for the 12th”. Nuveem added that Diniz expected the PC release to be an enhanced version of the game.

Details for the full document are over at PC Gamer.