Alienware Steam Machines To Be Released Annually

Alienware has confirmed that it plans to release new Steam Machines annually (every year), while the hardware in each box will be locked down.

General manager Frank Azor, in speaking to TrustedReviews (via PCR), explained that the fixed nature of hardware will be similar to that of consoles, but the refresh cycle will be much quicker.

“Lifecycle wise, consoles update every five, six, seven years, we will be updating our Steam Machines every year,” he explained. “There will be no customization options – you can’t really update it. The platform will continue to evolve as the games become more resource intensive.”

“If you actually want to customize your Alienware Steam Machine, maybe change your graphics card out or put in a new CPU, you would be better off with the standard Alienware X51. This particular product is restricted in its upgrade options.”

A couple of weeks ago at CES, Alienware unveiled its Steam Machine for the first time. The company promises that the system will be competitively priced with consoles. There are 13 other Steam Machines planned to be released in the coming months, all with their own price tags, sizes, and shapes.