UK Retailer Cuts Xbox One Price Tag By £20

UK retailer Zavvi has cut the Xbox One’s price by £20. As first spotted by VideoGamer, the online retailer has Microsoft’s Xbox One being sold for £409.99. The RRP for the console in £429 in the UK.

This price reduction might indicate that the stock for the Xbox One is finally smoothing out, and is becoming readily available in the UK. Meanwhile, Sony’s PS4 remains sold out at Zavvi and at most UK retailers. Zavvi expects a new shipment of the console starting at the end of January.

Microsoft proudly announced that their next-gen system has managed to sell 3 million units worldwide in 2013, besting the Xbox 360’s performance by a healthy margin. Sony, however, has sold 4.2 million PS4 units in 2013. Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter believes that as long as the PS4 remains the cheaper console out of the two, Microsoft won’t be able to catch up to Sony anytime soon, if ever.

Currently, the Xbox One sells for one hundred dollars more than the PS4, specifically due to the inclusion of Kinect 2.0. There is no indication that the company might cut the price in the near future.