Titanfall Closed Alpha Gameplay Leaked – COD 2.0?

A new video of the Titanfall closed alpha set surface on the internet quite recently. All we’ve seen of Titanfall so far are cuts and edits of different gameplay scenarios, but here we have real, uncut gameplay. This gameplay is coming from an Xbox One, so expect this to look pretty similar to what your Xbox One Titanfall experience will look like. Now I will quickly go over the gameplay (non-opinionated, or course) in case it gets taken down.

So the first obvious thing you’ll notice, well there are actually two. The game looks great, people have claimed the Xbox One to have less horsepower than the PS4, and while that is true, Titanfall is exclusive to Xbox (lets not forget about PC too) and looks pretty good. The second thing is the framerate. It’s nice to see games running at 60fps no matter what you’re playing them on, throughout the whole video I didn’t notice any minor or major drops in framerate. While I’m not sure what resolution the alpha is running at, the video is recorded in 720p and still manages to look good, that’s definitely a good thing.

In-game footage

In-game footage

Next is the not so good stuff. The A.I is downright stupid, there was a point in which the player entered a room; took out a couple guys, then reloaded in front of an A.I’s face while the computer stood still. Then the player had time to reload, shoot the guy infront of him and then continue to knife another computer who was completely oblivious of this shootout to the left. So even though the matches will be 6v6, the A.I needs some improvement because it is quite noticeable.

One other thing that is strikingly obvious is the similarity in the look and feel of the game to Call of Duty. The game plays just like it, extremely so. The reload animations are reminiscent of COD, so is the running, the shooting, and the knifing. Everything (even though I have not played it) just seems/feels a lot like COD, and whether that’s a good or bad thing is up for you to decide.