Why Any RPG Fan Should Play The Bravely Default Demo

The Bravely Default demo is without a doubt the most in depth demo that I’ve ever played, and probably the most fun. Silicon Studio and Square Enix really put a lot of effort into it. The Bravely Default demo is no ordinary demo, though. In most demos, you are given an early snippet of what you may or may not purchase. Silicon and Square Enix had bigger plans. They created a side story and quests completely unique to the demo. This is an interesting method to relieve the player of the repetition when they finally get to play the full game.

This is important considering the massive amount of content for it being a “wee” demo. It took me almost twelve hours to 100% complete the trial (including maxing all nine available jobs and character level). This is certainly enough time to familiarize yourself with mechanics of the game, and the difficulty for that matter. You can adjust the difficulty at any point, though I kept it at normal and there were a few points where I needed to grind to tackle one of the bosses. Notice how I said bosses? Plural. There are five of them; one being a post-game. You heard me right! There’s a post-game boss in a demo…wow.

Perhaps this hasn’t convinced you to pick it up. Maybe you don’t like grinding though there’s some pretty easy ways to do it that I’ll share with you. What might make the Bravely Default demo worth playing is the rewards and StreetPass transfer. You can StreetPass other owners of the Bravely Default demo and use them to help you in battle and increase your population for Norende village. You can transfer up to twenty from the demo to the full version.

As for the rewards, there are seven bonuses that can be transferred. They can be obtained through the following actions:

  1. Playing the demo (2 antidotes, 2 eye drops and 2 echo herbs)
  2. Defeating Melusine (3 potions and 1 hi-potion)
  3. Defeating Adamantite (1 Rod and 1 ether)
  4. Defeating Minotaur (1 Staff and 1 ether)
  5. Defeating Dragon (1 Bronze Helm and 1 Leather Armor)
  6. Defeating Automaton (1 Broad Sword and 1 Buckler)
  7. Fully restoring Norende (1 Bronze Bangle and 2 Pheonix Downs)



There’s nothing crazy, but it certainly helps with the early game. The StreetPass boost early game will shave many hours on the Norende restoration, giving you access to better items early on. If you’re interested by now, here are few tips that can help you clear the demo.

  • Any character can take on any job, but some are more proficient than others at certain jobs. Agnes is the best Black Mage, Ringabel is the best Ninja and Edea is the best Knight. Tiz is the most rounded; I’d suggest using him as a White Mage then changing him to a Knight once he’s mastered it.
  • Myconids and Deathstalkers are incredible for grinding. They dwell in the Northeast Forest. They each have the ability to call upon more enemies. From the menu screen go to Tactics>Config>Difficulty and raise the encounter rating to +100%. While in battle, press right on the D-pad twice to quadruple the battle speed and attack away. Adamantite makes for a good grinding boss for end game. I found him to be pretty easy and not much trekking (you have to walk in and out of the forest for him to respawn). Simply lower your encounter rating to -100% if you want to speed run him. He gives you 150 EXP and 70 JP.
  • After defeating Adamantite, a man appears in Ancheim in between the magic and equipment shops. Talking to him adds one person to your population in Norende. A scholar named Super Yoshi posted a neat trick to increasing your population through this man. If this man is exclusive to the Bravely Default demo, then you may want to take advantage of him now.

Anyway, I hope this could help sway you in favor of playing the Bravely Default demo. If you haven’t given it a shot yet, please do. You may just enjoy it as much as I have.


Source: Gamefaqs