Resogun Developer Working on DLC, Unannounced PS4 Project

While the launch library for the PS4 wasn’t exactly bursting with must-play titles, Resogun did an admirable job of filling a launch title’s job:  it was accessible and fun, did a fine job of showing off the PS4’s graphical prowess (and particle effects) and gave gamers something to play while they waited for bigger and better games to come around.  While Resogun was undoubtedly fun, it was begging for some more content.  Developer Housemarque has answered the call.

After being bombarded by questions on their Facebook wall, Housemarqe dropped this tantalizing detail:



Hmmm, interesting.  While they have a great shooter pedigree with titles like Resogun and Super Stardust, I would love to see another project in the vein of the excellent Outland, a platformer they released in 2011.  As far as DLC goes, new stages, new ships and new powers would all be welcome additions to the fun, but light on content, title.

What would you like to see from Housemarque?  Did you enjoy Resogun, and are looking forward to more tools of destruction?  Let us know your thoughts!