Nintendo Looking Into Mobile Devices, Not Giving Up On Consoles

After the disheartening (although not entirely surprsing) news that Nintendo didn’t come close to their projected sales for the year, there has been much speculation about what the company should next.  While some favor moving away from consoles and leveraging their extensive software catalog for third-party use, Nintendo has a different plan.  While the mobile sector seems ripe for Nintendo expansion, the company dropped some clues that it may not be that easy.

Speaking Friday on the matter,  Nintendo president Satoru Iwata talked a little bit about how exactly Nintendo might use the mobile market to their advantage, without directly porting Mario and friends to your phone:

“The spread of smart devices does not spell the end of game consoles. It’s not that simple,” Iwata said. “The key is to figure out a way to use smartphones to make people aware of Nintendo’s games, and encourage them to try out the console version of the games.  It doesn’t mean we should put Mario on smartphones.”

Nintendo has shown interest in the mobile sector previously, purchasing stock in Japanese company Dwango, which owns the mobile development platform Nico Nico Douga.  It is unclear what exactly their strategy is, or how Dwango fits into the mix, but it is interesting to think about how exactly Nintendo could use mobile devices to their advantage.

While it seems highly unlikely we will be seeing a mobile version of Smash Bros. on phones anytime soon, there are plenty of ideas that would make a lot of sense for Nintendo.  Some, like a mobile Pokedex, seem like no-brainers.  Plenty of games today have companion apps for smartphones, but this is an area Nintendo has strayed away from.  I for one would love to see a Miiverse app.  It would simplify some of the actions associated with the Miiverse, and would also be a great way to encourage people into utilize the Wii U without directly sabotaging their own software sales.

It is an interesting question, but it remains to be seen how exactly Nintendo will make their move into mobile.  The situation bears watching, so we will keep you updated as soon as we hear more.

Source:  The Wall Street Journal via Game Informer