Loadout – How Many Combinations You Say?

Loadout, a game by Edge of Reality is really close to launching. At first look this game is very reminiscent of Team Fortress 2 but in third person. Well sorry, you were wrong. As you can see the game is in third person, which makes substantially different from TF2. This game is really fast paced and chaotic which seems really fitting for a game of this look. The graphics are pretty sharp, and look like TF2 and Borderlands’ baby.

So we’ve gone over the main gameplay features, but what’s different about this game? Maybe that it has billions of weapon combinations, specifically 44 billion. That’s a humongous amount of customization, and really is the selling point of this game. Oh, the game is also free to play if you haven’t been sold on it already. Here’s a video from about a year ago showing off the main gameplay features and a bit of gun customization.

Loadout comes out January 31st for free on PC, you’re also able to register a name for your character before the game even comes out by clicking this link. Grab a cool one before they’re gone!