Gamestop Raising Their Prices by $5?

So it appears Gamestop (Canadian only for now…) has just raised its prices on just about every upcoming game by $5. Now this is definitely an interesting move, Gamestop has not informed anyone of this sudden influx in prices. Now this doesn’t look like a pricing error, because almost every new game is now $64.99 instead of the previous $59.99. I’ll list a couple:

Destiny – $64.99

Thief – $64.99

Dying Light – $64.99

Watch Dogs – $64.99

Well this is definitely a shocker. With Canadian taxes (13%) the cost to buy a new game will now be 73.50, when before it was 67.50. That’s about a $7 increase, plus if you add in a warranty you could be looking at close to $77! Now, whether this is just new pricing in Gamestop’s system or whether it will soon be worldwide (or at least Canada-wide) is unknown. This could be in result of the Canadian dollar being down, Canada being at $.91 = $1 American. Most likely that is the case, but that is still a rather surprising and large increase. Especially since many of the games they have raised have been pre-ordered, many people have no other choice but to buy the game for the new price.