Dead Rising 3 Gets 13GB Patch For What?

An update this morning was released for Dead Rising 3, that totaled to approximately 13gb! I’m sure you’re wondering what this update is for, and it really doesn’t do much. The way patches for this game works is that the company can’t just update two gun textures, if they want to, they have to go and re-update every single gun texture. This means instead of the update being around 1gb, like it should be, it is instead 13gb.

Dead Rising 3, if purchased from the Xbox store was a 35gb download, and while that’s already insane, adding on another 13gb just makes things even crazier. If I haven’t been clear, the update does NOT take up 13gb of space, it only takes up about 1gb. But the algorithms required to update mean that the download has to be 13gb to replace all the current data in the game.

Now here’s where the problem comes in. To people with a 120gb data cap, 35gb is already enough to do some substantial damage to their monthly internet usage if the game was indeed downloaded. Throw in another 13gb download and you’re at 48gb, which is just under half of your cap. Another problem is some people with slower internet speeds cannot even play the game until it’s updated, causing them to wait hours or potentially days to play again.

Let’s hope the future of updates don’t turn out like this, because that is an insane amount of data being used in the process, and quite frankly a waste of time.