Metal Gear Solid V Screenshots Available, Shows Different Resolutions

With the upcoming release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, comparisons have begun to be drawn between the resolution of the title on the different platforms on which it will be released.  Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, while capable of rendering 1080p, are not well known for doing it in action games or with consistent frame rates.

This said, the game is expected to run in 1080p at 60 frames per second on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but the only thing that has been confirmed for current/last gen consoles is that the game will run at 30 frames per second.

Metal Gear Solid

In 720p, aliasing can be seen on the barbed wire and puddles, and the shadows are harsh.

In 720p, the game is likely to run very smoothly for current gen consoles at 30 frames per second, and it comes down to a balance in the quality of gameplay versus graphics.  The aliasing looks unsightly in still images, but to the untrained eye, is fairly hard to notice in high action scenes.

In 1080p, however, the differences are noticeable.  Shadows appear much softer (as do reflections) and there is no aliasing to be seen.  Hair and fabric are rendered much more lifelike and even wet surfaces seem more realistic, rather than reflective when slightly damp.

Metal Gear Solid

Wet ground looks damp, and not mirrored, and hair and fabric are well rendered in 1080p.

The next gen consoles are certain to have it better off, as could be expected, but the current gen consoles should still get a functional title, as is normally worried about when games are released on multiple generations consoles.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes launches in North America on March 18, and March 20 in Japan and Europe.

Source: DualShockers (via Gamepur)