Disney Infinity Sells 3 Million Starter Packs Since Launch

Disney Interactive has managed to sell 3 million units of Disney Infinity’s starter packs since it launched on August 18, the publisher told The New York Times. 

According to reports from the NPD, via VG 24/7, 551,000 units of these starter packs (which cost $75 each) were sold in the month of December alone. Activision’s Skylanders SWAP Force, for comparison, has sold a total of 597,000 units of similar starter packs since it launched in mid-November.

President of Disney Interactive James Pitaro told the Times that these sales have exceeded their internal expectations by a large margin.  “We’re thrilled that families and gamers alike have embraced Disney Infinity,” he said. “We believe we’ve set the stage for Infinity to be an enduring video game platform.”

The NPD reported last month that Disney Infinity is the tenth best selling retail game of 2013, right behind the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. Disney also revealed in its last earnings call that Disney Infinity generated profits for the struggling Disney Interactive. The studio had a $76 million loss in the last quarter, but has since gained a $16 million profit.


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