World of Warcraft Free Server Transfers In Effect From Select Realms

On Jan 15, Blizzard opened World of Warcraft server (or realm) transfers from six of the highest population servers to lower ones to alleviate queuing and allow people to play when they want.  The servers open for transfer off include Area 52, Stormrage, Tichondrius, Illidan, Bleeding Hollow, and Darkspear.

Some of the servers listed above have a massively unbalanced faction ratio that will likely not be solved with a free character transfer.  For Illidan in particular, this situation may become even more dire.

Illidan has a PvP designation, meaning in many zones, players from opposite factions can attack each other at will.  It also has more than 15 Horde characters for every Alliance character.  This will likely cause an exodus of those Alliance characters who are simply tired of dealing with the constant grind of surviving against the thousands of active Horde players on at any given moment in the day.


When Alliance servers connect to Illidan, it turns into a bloodbath.

Similarly, but not nearly as dire, Stormrage has the highest Alliance to Horde ratio, sitting at over 13 Alliance characters to each Horde character.  The difference here is the server is designated as a PvE server, primarily for players to level, quest and raid.  World of Warcraft PvE raiding on this server for Alliance characters is ideal, with several excellent raiding guilds, so it’s not expected by many players that many people will transfer from the Alliance side, but Horde may look for greener pastures.

The server transfer options are as listed below:

From Area 52 and Stormrage to Turalyon

From Tichondrius and Illidan to Blackrock

From Bleeding Hollow and Darkspear to Korgath

Some details about the destination servers:

  • Turalyon
    • Server Time Zone: EST
    • Server Type: Normal PvE
    • Alliance to Horde Ratio: .917:1
    • Total Population: 79,530
  • Blackrock
    • Server Time Zone: PST
    • Server Type: Normal PvP
    • Alliance to Horde Ratio: .196:1
    • Total Population: 133,171
  • Korgath
    • Server Time: CST
    • Server Type: Normal PvP
    • Alliance to Horde Ratio: 1.625:1
    • Total Population: 113,204

From the statistics of the server origination and destinations, it seems Blizzard was attempting to give World of Warcraft players good alternatives to the current server they’re on.  Given the high Horde population on Tichondrius and Illidan, and the high Horde imbalance on Blackrock, this could coax players into moving just because of the similarity to avoid queues.

The transfers are expected to last through the 21st.

Source: World of Warcraft forums, Realmpop, WoW-progress