Thief PC System Requirements Now Known, Should Run On Some Older Machines

Yesterday, Eidos Montreal went public with the upcoming Thief’s PC requirements on their website, outlining the necessary and recommended specs for a computer to run the game.

The basic system requirements state Vista (with platform update) operating system, dual core CPU, 4 GB of RAM, Radeon 4800 series or GTS 250 as minimum graphics processing power, DirectX 10 and 20 GB of hard drive space.  Most middle of the road desktops from the past two to four years should easily run Thief on minimum settings.

To get the most performance out of the game, Eidos recommends either Windows 7 or 8, AMD FX 8000 or Intel i7 processors, more than 4 GB of RAM, the Radeon HD or R9 series or Nvidia GTX 660 series or better, DirectX 11 and 20 GB of hard drive space.

The company makes it clear that the game was designed for the Radeon graphics processors.  To help with upgrading, AMD and Eidos have partnered for the AMD Never Settle Forever offer.  When upgrading your graphics processor, you could qualify for Radeon gold, silver, and bronze rewards packages that allow you to select free games, including Thief, DiRT 3 and Sleeping Dogs.  Thief is only available to the silver and gold tiers.

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