Microsoft: Xbox One Install Times Need To Improve

Since the system’s launch, many Xbox One fans have been vocal about the long software installation, which is required for all games. Microsoft is well aware of the issue and will attempt to do something about it, Xbox executive Phil Spencer said today.

“I agree. We need to get better at chunking our games so the partial install allows game to start sooner,” Spencer said on Twitter. He responded to a fan who said that he’s willing to buy more games for his system, but only if the install times weren’t so lengthy.

Microsoft Game Studios, which Spencer was referring to when saying “we”, has published all major exclusives for the next-gen system. Titles such as Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 all contain installation times of more than 30 minutes.

But while all Xbox games must be installed, players can start playing before the installation is complete. Sony offers a similar feature on its Playstation 4.

However, despite the healthy amount of complaints towards this particular problem the Xbox One has still managed to stay commercially successful. The console has sold 3 million units in 2013.