DayZ Standalone Getting Experimental Branch Update Monday, Patch Friday

DayZ staff member “rocket” on the DayZ forums announced yesterday that there is an upcoming patch expected to launch to the beta branch version of the game on Monday morning.  The experimental branch, as it is called, is the developers way of testing updates on a small scale before pushing to the main servers, similar to Blizzard’s Public Test Realms (or PTR).

The update is loaded with bugfixes and balance changes to the systems in the game, particularly eating and drinking, as well as spawn rates of items.  New features include character name editing on the main menu, the addition of specific items to loot spawns, berry picking, the ability to open cans with a saw, and a new town and surrounding area.

To play on the experimental version, go to the Steam application settings and chose the beta branch.  Note that once playing the beta version of the game, players cannot play on stable servers until they switch back to stable settings in the Steam settings.  There will be a limited number of slots available on the experimental branch servers.

Full patch notes can be found on the forums (see source).

Source: DayZ Forums (via PCGamer)

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