Wewana:Play Review

Wewana:Play is an app released by WeWana, free of charge. Wewana:Play was released in March 2012 on a Hack Weekend named: Launch48. The app is available to users of iOS 4.3 or later.

Wewana:Play is used to organize and schedule gaming sessions with your friends in one app. That eliminates the need to call and text your friends for hours trying to find a suitable time. You come up with a time in your lazy hours and set it up in the app. Once the time comes, all your friends who are connected to Wewana:Play are instantly notified. This is great with clans such as World Of Warcraft or Call Of Duty. This app also works on the professional level with team meetings and practice sessions; Team Managers I’m looking at you! While this app is for casual gamers who just want to play with their friends from time to time, it has potential to be a gamer’s Social Network, if handled right. Hopefully it is because I would like to see something like this done well.



Wewana:Play is a useful app that I have personally used quite a lot. This app has really helped me set up World Of Warcraft raiding sessions with my clan, and it turns out great. There is of course, that one friend who ignores it, but even I can’t do anything about that. You must set up an account to use it, but it takes no time at all to do. You can either sign up using your email or if you have Facebook you can use that, as well. The Facebook login also has the option to post on your wall when you set up a session.

Wewana:Play has a limited amount of games you can set up as events. The games that are set up there are games that could be played with two or three other friends or games that you would generally play with large groups of players. The developers fixed this by adding an option to set up any game or any event through the “Others” tab. Wewana:Play has an option to add your XBOX account, your PSN ID, and your Steam to show your friends what accounts you have so they can friend you. The thing I do not like about this app is that it does not have much to do. It has Events, My Games, and Friends. I wish it had a small amount more, such as a recommended friends tab based on who your friends have on their list of friends or more interaction with others. Other than that, this app is great.


In Conclusion, Wewana:Play is a great app to set up games with your friends. It loads quickly and there is no hassle when signing up. The interface is simplistic and well put together. One of the best parts is that the app is free and only takes up 19.6 MB. If you don’t like this app, but your friends do, keep it installed. The memory usage is nothing and it still has its advantages. The only thing I disliked is that it had very little interaction with friends. Overall, I highly recommend getting this.

The Guys Who Brought Us This App

The Guys Who Brought Us This App