Octodad Deadliest Catch – This Looks Crazy

A new trailer just launched a couple hours ago in anticipation for Young Horses’ new game Octodad. To summarize the trailer quickly and briefly, you are a dad who has spontaneously turned into an octopus, your wife and kids don’t know who and where you are. Octodad is a pretty unique game though, and that’s proven in this trailer, there are some weird looking camera angles and crazy physics which would seem to be lots of fun. The game also has a pretty nice art style, everything’s really highly detailed and sharp for such an odd game.

The missions in this game look to be quite simple by the looks of this trailer. Taking a grocery bag to the car, seems simple enough? Not as Octodad, it seems he’s extremely hard to control and that adds challenge and hopefully depth to every level. If this trailer doesn’t take you back by weirdness then you may not have watched all of it.

Octodad launches January 30th on PC, Mac, Linux and PS4. And good luck controlling those eight legs!