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Gabe Newell Fine With Having EA Origin On Steam Machines

Valve cofounder Gabe Newell has revealed that he’s open to having EA’s Origin service on the studio’s Steam Machines. Unlike Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo, Newell does not want to put any limitations on the kind of content permitted on Steam Machines.

“We’re trying to make it as open as possible,” Newell said on Reddit. “If EA wants to put Origin on it, that would be fine, etc… (trying to pick an example of something that people think we would prohibit).” This might not come as a surprise to anyone, as these Steam Machines were designed with openness in mind. But EA and Valve have had their differences in the past, which were made public.

Valve recently revealed that they’ll be making significant changes to their Steam Controller. The controller’s touch screen, which was heavily marketed by Valve, has officially been replaced with physical buttons. The decision behind this change should be obvious, as having physical buttons instead of a touchscreen will push development costs down and can remedy the issue of backwards compatibility.

Newell also promised that he’ll host an AMA session on Reddit if donations for the Seattle Children’s Hospital will reach $500,000.

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