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Under the Radar: Dead Century: Mosaic –
The Anticipation is Alive!

Having grown up a gamer whose enthusiasm outpaced his means, I’ve always been embarrassed about the gaps in my gaming resume. Take Puzzle Quest for instance; I love Tetris, Bejeweled, and other puzzlers and Odin knows I love RPGs. By all rights I should own and love Puzzle Quest. It seems, however, that Odin has given me another chance to jump into the genre with the Puzzle-RPG…The-Mummy-simulator(?) called Dead Century: Mosaic. The Kickstarter page lists similarities to games like 10,000,000 and Dungeon Hearts but I feel like the comparison is only to give a superficial point of reference to newcomers. Dead Century: Mosaic will have all the standard RPG trimmings (hit points, status effects, precious loot etc.) but will play like a match-n puzzle game, n being some real number. Mathematical variables aside, I don’t want to call Dead Century: Mosaic “a match-3” because players won’t stop at matching 3 tiles. Unless they choose to. I need more colors. More colors to match! Players will match tiles of similar value, and consequently tiles with figures of equal sides, into a tile of higher value and more sides (e.g. two diamonds will become one hexagon). It seems the trick to combat will be balancing the time in making a single, high-value action tile against sending out more lower-value tiles. The top of the screen will host the visuals but the bottom will be where the real action takes place. The mechanics make me feel that this would do well, if not better, on a DS or 3DS.

Although the action and the visuals are segregated on the screen, there could be just as much reason to look up as there is to keep one’s face buried in the tiles. I’m not sure if my perceptions are being altered by knowing that Dead Century: Mosaic is set roughly around World War 2, but the art style seems vaguely reminiscent of that era’s propaganda posters. Beyond that, some of the monsters seem like cthonic heaven on Earth. Everything just feels like a mix of XCOM and Indiana Jones; various tiers of baddies are given an archeological spin and a fine coat of dust. That “emaciated slave underneath the clapping-cymbals-monkey”-esque statue just resonated in all the rightly-wrong ways. Well, it and that many handed tar. …thing. The hype is real. And I can’t wait to see what is made of all these tiny tiles that are Dead Century: Mosaic. Hopefully, players will find the developers have taken the time to match all the tiles into the highest value possible.

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