Minecraft Snapshot 14w03a Released, Brings Bugfixes, Mapmaker Tools

Nathan “Dinnerbone” Adams, developer at Mojang, has announced the release of Mojang’s most recent Minecraft snapshot update, 14w03a.  The update brings bugfixes and feature tweaks to the recent 14w02b that was previously reported here.  In addition to the tweaks and fixes, new commands were added that will likely make Minecraft adventure map creators happy.

  • Teleport Command Tweak – /tp now supports rotation direction arguments
  • Player and Entity Selector – The commands to select players and entities can now include cubic areas by adding a size vector
  • Clone Command – Mapmakers can now use /clone to copy areas of their map and place them elsewhere
  • Fill Command – /fill allows players to fill in areas with a specific block

The clone and fill commands are reminiscent of Dinnerbone’s days developing Bukkit.  The addition of these commands is likely to be well received by the community, many of which have been using mods and modpacks because of the lack of such features in the base game.

minecraft snapshot

The new snapshot can be installed using the Minecraft client by editing the preferences to “Enable experimental development snapshots”. Source: @Dinnerbone and Mojang

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