The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 2 Review: School in the Sky

Even during the second episode, the giant floating chunk of land that is Isla continues to confuse me as well as being an issue story wise. How is it floating? Is it somehow being kept in the air by those propellers on the sides? How do they keep such a massive island fueled and in the air? Does it require any sort of maintenance to keep it up in the sky? I realize I am probably doing a great deal of nitpicking here, but Isla sort of bothers me as it is a little difficult to suspend my disbelief for this particular situation.

Story wise, new information about the world is revealed. It appears that there are only three island nations in the vast ocean, and they are divided by a massive waterfall in the ocean. It is hard to imagine such a thing, but it certainly is a unique setting. Also it’s implied that Isla will not be making a return trip and that this may be a permanent relocation. There are a couple of times where dialogue has indicated that some people may have been exiled to Isla. Remember that woman in the white priest-like robe? Well apparently she is the Governor of Isla. I honestly thought she was just a figurehead for the ceremony, but since she is in the opening I guess she is relatively important.

PLS2_screenshot1While I had the feeling that the pilots were all relatively green, I didn’t realize that they were still students training to become pilots. So I was taken by surprise when I saw all the characters in a school-like environment with a teacher that seems to have a bit of a narcissistic side. During that particular scene, it is revealed that Isla does have some amount of defensive capabilities. But it isn’t clear why they are needed if there are only three islands in the entire known world that are all within viewing distance of each other. It seems like the higher ups of the whole operation may know a lot more than what they are telling the students, and of course that lack of information is probably going to get a lot of people killed within a few episodes I’m sure.

As far as character development goes, the angry silver haired boy from last time finally has a name: Ignacio Axis. For whatever reason, Ignacio prefers to eat his own food away from the rest of the dorm and doesn’t speak to anyone. Because of Kal’s obvious crush on Claire, Ariel is stuck being Ignacio’s partner in all the upcoming exercises and lessons. Poor girl. Although Ignacio did confirm something that I suspected about Kal, but on a much grander scale. I didn’t expect that Kal would actually be what seems to be a former prince that has fallen out of power. Seeing his mother in the flashback, it would also confirm that he may in fact be an orphan currently because of some sort of conspiracy between the other nations involving Balsteros. Of course the question now is: how does Ignacio know so much about Kal?

PLS2_screenshot4Of course, speaking of Kal (or Karl La Hire, which is his real name,) he and Claire seem to be getting along very well. Claire flies for the first time while Kal sits in the back seat and does… whatever the co-pilot is supposed to do up there. Honestly it isn’t clear why he is back there. I could understand if there was a machine gun or something, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. So what is the point of exposing the co-pilot to the open air of the sky for no apparent or obvious reason? Also, Claire gets a very friendly response among Kal’s group of friends from his dorm. I imagine that Claire will find some way to hang out with the group later on in the series. Of course this is assuming that things stay peaceful and quiet for that long, and I get the feeling they won’t.

This and the first episode are giving off a real calm before the storm vibe, and it feels like it will only be a matter of time before the actual plot will take to the stage. I imagine that the mood and tone of the anime will change as well once that happens. But at the very least, episode two will leave the viewer eagerly awaiting for more of The Pilot Love Song.