New Destiny Screenshots – Things are Looking Good

Destiny, a game made by Halo’s “Bungie”, has received a new set of screenshots found in a NeoGaf post. We have seen tons of screenshots and one piece of gameplay which was revealed at E3 2013 during the Sony press conference. It’s been a while since we heard anything about Destiny, but finally, some new screenshots have surfaced. I wont keep you waiting, here they are.

Three human players, with Earth in the background

In this shot, the players are in a group of three on a planet not too far from Earth. This planet looks pretty interesting, the snowy landscape could add for some cool adventuring. There also seems to be an abandoned spaceship behind them, possibly how the players got here.


In-game screenshot this time

 Now this screenshot looks like the gameplay we’ve seen before. Everything looks good, the gun looks to be an assault rifle of some sort, possibly an electric themed one. Also some sparks flying around the screen, and lastly there’s a lens flare, which doesn’t seem to be too intrusive.


Another in-game shot

Another shot fromt he first person view. It seems to be on the same planet, based on the fact that the floors are icy, most likely the players are in a cave of some sort. Some weird alien creatures are in the picture as well, although I think we’ve seen these types of monsters before, so nothing too new here.


The creatures again

The monsters from the previous screenshot appear again. They seem to have weapons built into their body’s.


An atmospheric picture

This screenshot is very reminiscent of Halo, Bungie seems to be taking a somewhat similar approach to the art style of their Halo franchise. Everything does look good, from the background skies to the close up textures.


Running man

Really nothing too new. Just a player running through some sort of abandoned place. We’ve seen screenshots and gameplay similar to this before.


Night time gameplay

This pictures pretty interesting. Looks like some gameplay taking place during the night, the orange glow could possibly be night vision goggles used to see in the dark. Otherwise, similar to what we’ve seen before.


Taking on some baddies

Nothing new here, this looks like a screenshot of the E3 gameplay, you’ll notice the red gun is the same as the one used in that gameplay. Monsters are the same as well.

Destiny is set to launch September, 2014 on current and next gen consoles, hopefully these screenshots can keep your interest until we get more news and details on the game.