Images Showing PS4 Version of Metal Gear Solid V Running on PS Vita

Kojima has been teasing us again over his infamous Twitter account. This time it’s images of Ground Zeroes running in remote play on PSVIta. Take a look:





The first tweet simply said “GZ on PS Vita Today”. Kojima’s own comment in the second tweet in Japanese translates to “Amazingly Beautiful!” He also repeated the second tweet in English with a different comment: “So great graphics!” His final tweet finished with “This is remote play, not “Transfarring.” I can play the game everywhere, even outside or at home by making use of the PS4 as a family cloud. That age has finally come (laughs)” Personally, March can’t come soon enough. Stay tuned to Kojima’s English tweets here, and if you can read Japanese, you can also check out his Japanese account here. Ground Zeroes releases in North America 18th March and Europe 20th March