3 Things I Want To See In Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors is a strange beast. Its announcement came out of nowhere, and the concept is bizarre for a Zelda game. Nonetheless, I have been thinking about three specific things I would like to see in Hyrule Warriors when it eventually releases.

1. Multiple storylines and characters.

While some incarnation of Link will most likely be the playable character in Hyrule Warriors, I would love to see Nintendo and Tecmo Koei allow players to take control of other characters in order to play through other stories. Imagine beating the game as Link, then opening up a story mode for Zelda and Ganondorf. Then, upon completing those stories, you unlock lesser characters to play as, such as Midna, Ghirahim, Demise, or even a Skull Kid. The characters could easily be split up into good vs. evil and both could contain a large amount of characters. Since Hyrule Warriors will clearly take heavy inspiration from Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors series, I do not think that it’s too far fetched to imagine a plethora of playable characters and stories to match them.


2. Fierce Deity Link

In the teaser trailer for Hyrule Warriors, two notable gauges can be seen in the upper-left hand corner. One is vertically aligned while another is situated next to the currently equipped item. What strikes me as odd is that both meters can be seen increasing whenever Link strikes an enemy in the trailer. I would love to see one of the gauges indicate the possibility for Link (or another character), to transform. At some point early on in the story, Link could find the Fierce Deity Mask and unlock its potential by defeating enemies. Then, once the mask is equipped and Link is transformed, it can give him a temporary power boost. This could also apply to other characters as well. Zelda could transform into Sheik, Ganondorf could turn into his pig-form seen at the end of Ocarina of Time, and Midna could turn into her complete princess form. Any of the characters without a known transformation could easily gain a different power to use when their gauge is complete.

3. Zelda-esque progression

Out of these three things on my Hyrule Warriors wishlist, I can see this one happening the most. At the end of the teaser trailer, we can see Link opening a treasure chest in the same vein as every other Zelda game. While we are not shown what is inside the chest, I hope Nintendo and Tecmo Koei keep the contents of the chest the same as in other Zelda games – useful items. Instead of getting money and purchasing Link’s equipment (even though I loved it in Link Between Worlds), I would love for his items such as the Fire Rod and Boomerang to be hidden in chests around the map that you must find. Even better in my opinion, the game could give the option of a free-roam mode, where the player is given a lengthy objective in a randomly generated battlefield. The contents of the chests could be edited and restricted, and it would easily create a vast amount of replay value.

When Hyrule Warriors was first announced, I was skeptical, but thinking about it more and more has gotten me quite excited. I have had good fun with the Dynasty Warriors games, and injecting one of my favorite series ever into that formula sounds fantastic. If I end up seeing at least one of these three things when the game releases later this year, I will be even happier to own a Wii U.