Nobunaga the Fool Episode 2 Review: Give a Man a Gundam

So the unique melding of histories that is Nobunaga the Fool continues with the second episode. New characters show up and the plot advances forward at a reasonable pace. I was certainly drawn in by the first episode, and after the second I happily consider myself a fan of this anime so far. So let’s take a look at episode two.

Nobunaga uses Leonardo Da Vinci’s experimental War Armor that is basically a Gundam for the first time. As expected, there is a bit of a learning curve for the peculiar suit of armor. Yet it doesn’t seem to hinder Nobu from using it to quickly destroy the other two War Armors. Although it appears that the Armor may be taking a toll on Nobu, as he seemed exhausted and possibly in pain. I imagine that this will be addressed at some point. Although it is explained by Leonardo Da Vinci later on as to why the suit suddenly shut down. I find it interesting to see that the suit somehow draws power from the ley lines of the star it is being used on. Also, Nobu deciding to call his Grand War Armor “The Fool” made me chuckle a bit.

ntf2_screenshot6I had been wondering about how much contact there is between the two stars, and this episode did bring some answers to light. Based on what Mitsu says to Leonardo, it is implied that there is some amount of trade that occurs between the two stars and that it is restricted to only one region on the Star of the East. Although I can only imagine that there would have to be a lot of laws and regulations that would keep any massive weapon deals from going on. Also, does this trade mean that a lot of the technology seen on the Star of the East is from the Star of the West originally?

As far as new characters go, an entire new group of them is introduced on both stars. On the west side is what appears to be King Arthur and other members that could be identified as the Knights of the Round Table. Although the names among the round table are a little different than they are in the any Arthurian Legend that history knows of. For example, among the Round table include historical figures such as Julius Caesar and Hannibal. Yes, the mix of historical characters in this anime gets even more unusual. I’m not sure where they got the idea to take a bunch of famous people from history and put them all in one anime in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy setting, but it is genius. Also on the Star of the East, the majority of Nobu’s family is introduced, along with more details about that one strange girl with the orb from the first episode via a flashback.

ntf2_screenshot2As the series progresses, I do wonder if the characters and story will follow certain historical events. Julius Caesar has a friend/assistant named Brutus, and I can only imagine that sooner or later Brutus will somehow betray Caesar in some way or another. I also get the feeling that if this anime follows history, then Jeanne will be burnt at the stake and Nobu will kill himself at the end. This is pure speculation on my part from looking at the historical figures the characters are based on, and I’m sure history would be very different in Japan if Nobunaga had access to a Gundam.

Because of the fact that this episode is called “The Lovers,” I wonder if it somehow refers to Nobu and Jeanne. It seems like there is something being built there and that there will inevitably be a romantic sub-plot involving these two characters. As long as the sub-plot isn’t done badly, I’ll be okay with this. It is certainly hard to imagine Joan of Arc and Oda Nobunaga being in a relationship since the former was born at least one hundred years prior to Nobu, but since this is an anime with characters loosely based on historical figures it is easy to ignore that.

ntf2_screenshot4With The Fool in his possession, and backed by new allies, Nobu seems like he is ready to begin changing the world. But will he succeed? Will he become the supposed Savior King that Jeanne sees in him? What awaits this unlikely group of historical figures from all over the world? Only time will tell, or until the next episode. If you haven’t started watching Nobunaga the Fool, now would be a good time to start.


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