Our Most Anticipated 2014 PlayStation Titles

From platformers to stealth games, the PlayStation 4 promises to see some really interesting releases here in 2014. Just in time to reflect on the year ahead, we here at the Sony team decided to share our most anticipated titles set to release this year. What are your picks? Share them in the comments below!
Watch Dogs
Ideas of surveillance, rebellion, and using The Man’s tech against itself are all themes that will likely resonate very strongly within our community once Watch Dogs releases, especially in the face of ever-growing public disdain towards expanding government and what the future holds. It’s because of this, and the fact that the gameplay itself seems very promising, that I’m anxious to play Ubisoft’s techno-thriller. One delay was enough, and I’m ready to boot up the cell phone and start hacking everything I can come in contact with.
Infamous: Second Son
Thanks largely to its tight controls and addictive gameplay loop, the Infamous series is one that I have spent many precious hours in, obsessing over the different blast shards to collect, taking out baddies, and upgrading my abilities in combat.
Superheroes are the odd outliers in video games whose potential is often squandered by lazy game creation or a too-heavy focus on adapting a film or property, but Infamous is able to take the idea of playing as a superhero and harness it in one of the best ways possible. Being able to return to that world on a console with boosted horsepower and a brand new character is nothing short of exciting.
Uncharted 4
It definitely won’t release this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a little bit excited to learn more about Naughty Dog’s forthcoming installment in the Uncharted franchise. Although I did love the desolate and bleak world of The Last of Us, I’m ready for a return to adventuring with our favorite pulpy action hero Nathan Drake and his band of cohorts. Of course, the question is: what will he be searching for this time? What mysteries will be unraveled? What death-defying stunts will Drake pull off against the odds? I suppose we’ll have to (impatiently) wait and see.
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
Final Fantasy X (originally released for PlayStation 2) was my introduction into the realm of Final Fantasy, and to this day it remains not only one of my favorites in the franchise, but one of my favorite games of all-time. It’s easy to forget to revisit old gems when new games are popping up left and right, and in that respect, having a remake come along can be a great thing. Between the improved graphics and all the added material that came with the International release, this is definitely something for a FF fanboy to drool over. I never was a big fan of the sequel, but I’m not about to complain about a second game bundled in!
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Perhaps “excited” isn’t the right word to use to describe my emotions toward this game. “Curious” would be a better word. Having previously expressed my reservations about the final installment in the “Lightning Saga,” I won’t rule out that the game could be much improved over is predecessors. If nothing else, Square Enix is persistent in its vision; it’s merely a question of whether their vision will miss the mark with Lightning Returns. The story, while not great, certainly needs it conclusion, and for better or worse, it needs Lightning in the player’s control to offer a satisfying climax.
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain/Ground Zeroes
This one, like Lightning Returns, is a bit iffy in my book. Again, I find myself more skeptical than outright excited, and I won’t deny my ongoing dissatisfaction that David Hayter was booted out of the series. Nevertheless, Hideo Kojima has crafted a gaming universe like no other, rife with political tension, militarized bedlam, and just enough preternatural phenomena to remind us that this isn’t supposed to be a realistic take on the world. It’ll be interesting to see where Kojima takes the latest installment of the Metal Gear franchise, and what crazy twists we’re in for this time.
Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain/Ground Zeroes
We’re not sure when the Phantom Pain will be released- it might not see the light of day until 2015- but there’s one factor about both of these titles which is keeping me up at night with excitement. They are open world. I’ve been replaying MGS2-4 in an effort to span the time until Ground Zeroes comes out in March, but they just don’t cut it. Every step you take in earlier games, you’re funnelled into one smallish zone dead ahead, which might briefly open up into a large area, but you’ll always be pulled back into a tiny space to proceed. Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain boast fully open worlds- the unbelievably deep and compelling gameplay we’ve seen for years will be thrown into a playground unlike any yet seen.
inFamous Second Son
I like inFamous, but I’m certainly not the series’ biggest fan. After I finished inFamous 1 and 2, I basically put the games down and never picked them up again. But when I watched the video for inFamous Second Son, the mercury in my interest-o-meter exploded off the scale. From everything I’ve seen, Second Son is, graphically and stylistically, the most “next-gen” game on the way to our hands. The protagonist and world and gameplay looks considerably more engaging and compelling than Cole from the first entries. And I think it looks aesthetically more realistic and smooth than anything yet seen.
Lucky for me, this thing just got announced as a free title on PlayStation Plus next month, when I intend on picking up a PS4. I’m obsessed with horror games- I’m currently in a joyous replay of Amnesia with my partner- and Outlast looks like it’ll be a great addition to this caste of the modern horror reinvention. How lucky am I- all of my most anticipated titles come out in the next two months!