SimCity Getting Offline Mode With Update 10, Adding Single Player

Maxis announced yesterday on a blog post that single player will become available offline in the upcoming Update 10.  This announcement comes more than a year after the initial outcry over the always online, perpetually multiplayer version that was released last March.

Fans of the SimCity franchise had bemoaned the fact that the newest installment could not be played without an active internet connection.  All gameplay had to be done via Maxis’ servers, where traffic, map, and multiplayer data was held, allowing access to the map saves on any computer to which the owner had Origin access.  With the update, SimCity will save offline maps locally, allowing access without an internet connection.

All online capabilities will be retained in the online mode, including leaderboards, the global market, and multiplayer regions.


One large aspect of putting the game offline is the open modding community that it will spawn.  Previous versions, especially SimCity 4, had a very large and passionate community involved with modding, improving, and adding new features and objects to the game.  This modding community can now begin work in earnest on the newest version of their favorite game.  Maxis has posted their modding guidelines on their blog.

More details as to how the single player mode will work, as well as when Update 10 is scheduled to release, are still in the works.  Keep an eye out here at Leviathyn as this story develops.