Speed Run Twitch Show Raises Over $1 Million for Charity

Awesome Games Done Quick, also known as AGDQ, has managed to raise over $1 million for their supported charity through their Twitch stream and website.  That mark comes thanks to more than 17,900 donators and their 27,000+ donations.  The first donation was received Dec. 26, but more notably, the second donation, received on Jan. 2, was for $1,000.  The donations continued to roll in over the course of the next two weeks, and based on donation comments, the $1 million mark was reached around 4:15 a.m. today by a $50 donation from Frederick Lambes.

The Prevent Cancer Foundations, the charity supported, has helped fund cancer research since 1985, according to their website.  They also engage in community outreach and cancer education, teaching people important information about cancer, it’s causes and prevention.

AGDQ was put on by Speed Demos Archive, or SDA.  The popular Twitch channel features speed runs of popular and abstract titles from Chrono Trigger to Final Fantasy V to Dustforce and more.  The charity event was scheduled for one week, and will be held again at the end of June, according to a Tweet from the program coordinator Mike Uyama.

speed run


Whether or not they decide to raise money for the same organization still remains unclear, but with enough publicity, it’s likely the popular group can repeat their success again.  The event garnered attention from a large chunk of the gaming and streaming community, even being mentioned in LethalFrag’s final day of his two year livestreaming challenge, with over 20,000 people watching.

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