Games That Need To Make A Comeback On NES Remix

NES Remix is more than just a few classic titles bundled together, it’s really a collection of some of Nintendo’s greatest hits changed in interesting ways for their audience.  The development team of Nintendo and indieszero seem to have put a lot of thought into taking different pieces of Nintendo’s history, smashing them with a hammer, and finally putting the separate pieces back together in a way that creates a a nostalgic yet brand new experience.  Each challenge is comfortingly familiar yet different even if it’s just as simple as watching Link in Mario’s role while playing Donkey Kong. Even though fans have mostly embraced the collection, there are of course outcries on the Miiverse of people asking Nintendo for certain titles or crossovers to make a showing.  And while there will almost certainly be an NES Remix II, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to throw my hat into the ring with some of my own suggestions.


Zelda II: The Adventures of Link Plenty of fans of the series operate with the belief that this entry doesn’t get nearly enough respect par from the fact that it is one of the most difficult games you can play that bears the name Zelda.  So maybe Nintendo gives the beleaguered Zelda II fans a little nod by giving it the NES Remix treatment.  It was already challenging in the past, let’s see how modern gamers get past this.


Metriod On one hand this pick is me throwing a bone to the long suffering Metroid fans who are still begging Nintendo for a sign that we may see a full game starring Samus one day.  Until then this may tide them over.  Metroid is a true Nintendo classic featuring Samus’ most basic and well known moves including the morph ball.  C’mon Nintendo do us a solid. Punch-Outcover Punch-out Even with the superstar’s name no longer endorsing it, who doesn’t know about Punch-out, featuring Mario (because it is) in one of his most interesting roles as a boxing referee, is still an addictive game to play through even today.  I’d be interested in taking another shot at knocking out Glass Joe or maybe some other classic Nintendo characters.


Tetris This is a must because Tetris ruled the world in the 80’s and is still the most popular video game ever created, sorry GTA V fans.  How many ways to play and challenges could Nintendo create for NES Remix with this most classic of games?


Super Mario Bros. 2 How many mini-games could you pull from one of the best Mario games of all time?  Imagine the vegetable pulling challenges that could go on here or the boss battles.  There are so many options that Nintendo has and I’m hoping that they take them. These are some of my personal favorites for the NES Remix treatment and I know that I’m missing some classic games that you may want featured, so feel free to comment below and let us know what games you think should be added to the catalog.  At least this gives Nintendo a starting when they think of more games to include. Now excuse I’m off to play Dr. Luigi, yes I really did say that.

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