loot hero

Flash Game of the Week: Loot Hero

Have you ever gotten tired of all of the stupid quests or traveling in RPGs and action-adventure games when all you want to do is make some sweet coin? Well Loot Hero is here to solve your problems. Who has time to deal with rescuing the princess or gathering five apples – you just want your proper share of the reward money.

Gameplay for Loot Hero is very simple as you use your mouse to move your hero either forward or backwards as you advance through each level. You attack automatically so all you have to worry about is moving forward. Throughout each level there are multiple shops that you can stop at that will allow you to purchase upgrades. These shops also heal you every time you pass them and you heal gradually over time as well – so you’re never that far away from a full heal. Besides collecting loot the only thing that you have to worry about is your health, represented by a green bar at the bottom.

There are four different types of upgrades that you can purchase: attack power, defense, critical chance and speed. Attack, defense and critical are pretty straight forward but speed is a little bit interesting. As each time you purchase a speed level you gain an obvious speed boost that will make you go faster. But the cool thing is that you can control what speed level you want to be at. For example, you can purchase speed upgrade level 13 but knock it down to level 7 if you want a slower pace of play.

There are five different levels to progress through with each one having a boss at the end. The levels all have a different theme as you go from forest to desert to a volcano, and each level has different enemies to fight. Every time you beat the final boss dragon on level five the game starts over and you will face harder enemies while being able to collect more loot.

Loot Hero is a good time waster for those that just want to kill some goblins while collecting a bunch of gold, and the soundtrack offers some pleasantly catch background music.

If you are interested in playing Loot Hero you can play it at Newgrounds.

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