The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Stress Test Hits A Few Snags

Starting Friday night, Bethesda Softworks launched their most recent beta test weekend for new and returning beta testers of The Elder Scrolls Online.  As the largest number of testers the server had seen tried to connect, there were login issues abound.  Luckily, the purpose of beta stress test weekends is to sort out issues like this, and an emergency patch got people back into the game.  Previous stress test beta testers have the opportunity to join new and full access beta testers in running the servers through their paces as Bethesda approaches their April 4, 2014 target release date.

Previous Elder Scrolls beta testers simply need to log in and update their clients, while new testers who received their invites at the beginning of the week need to redeem their beta key on the website linked in the email they received.  The beta test is still under strict non-disclosure agreement, meaning anyone testing the game is not allowed to share any details whatsoever regarding the beta or its contents.  To prevent the sharing of screenshots and/or videos and streams, Bethesda has implemented a watermark faintly in the background of the game area that shows the testers email address.

elder scrolls

The Skyrim area of The Elder Scrolls Online looks obviously familiar to current players.

Players can jump in to The Elder Scrolls Online, making a character in one of three factions: The Aldmeri Dominion, The Daggerfall Covenant, and The Ebonheart Pact.  Users should remember, however, that the beta is for testing, so sharing bugs with the beta forum and digging around for problems is part of the test.  It is not a chance at an early look at the game, even though it may feel that way, and massive changes are always possible.  Testers should also note that as a beta, there are likely to be server restarts as Bethesda implements fixes and tests new features.

The most recent Elder Scrolls beta test started Friday evening EST, and will likely end right before midnight EST tonight, Jan. 12.  Those who have not had the opportunity, and those that have not signed up for the beta yet, still have the opportunity to get into future tests in the next months before the launch.  People who have not signed up for the beta can apply at the website.

The next generation console version will see its launch following the PC version’s launch.  Currently slated for sometime in June, if the PC release goes off with some stumbles, it could be expected to slip a bit further.

Source: Bethesda