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Broken Age Act I will be Available to Kickstarter Backers on Jan 14

Broken Age Act I will be available to download for backers on January 14. Tim Schafer also said on Twitter that the public release date will also be announced on January 14.

Broken Age is Double Fine’s Kickstarter-funded adventure game, which made shock waves throughout the industry. Its massive success with Kickstarter was unprecedented, and it can almost be viewed as the pioneer of the now common crowd funding development of video games.

Double Fine announced during Broken Age’s development that the game had to split up into two acts, and that revenue from the first act would fund the development for the second act. Backers of the Kickstarter will have access to both acts with no extra cost.

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At Spike TV’s 2013 VGX, it was revealed that Elijah Wood would be joining the already star-studded voice cast of Broken Age. Jack Black, Jennifer Hale, Pendleton Ward, and Wil Wheaton are just some of the voice actors that have been confirmed to be a part of the game.

Broken Age is a classic point and click adventure game centered around the lives of two people: a boy who is confined to an easy-going life in a spaceship, and a girl who is chosen to be sacrificed to a monster by her town. The player will control both characters as they try to break free of their future and change the tradition that has been associated with their lives.