A Tip for Successful Mythril Farming in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

Anyone who’s played the original Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix has most likely noticed a few key differences. One major addition is the expansion of synthesizing.  Along my so very long quest to synthesize every item/accessory/weapon, I hit a pretty big hiccup; Mythril. And by extension, Dark Matter, which needs 2 Mythrils to synthesize. In the original, obtaining Mythrils could be done by fighting behemoth or Angel Stars. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Mythril farming is considerably trickier.

Xion_as_sora_nightmareYou’ll need 14 pieces of Dark Matter and 13 Mythrils (not including those needed to make additional Dark Matter) to complete the list. Playing through the game, you’ll find Mythril and Dark Matter in various chests and whatnot, but this just isn’t enough. Fortunately, Mythril can now be synthesized. Unfortunately, it’s a time eater. In order to synthesize Mythril, you need 5 Mythril Shards, 1 Mythril Stone and 1 Mystery Goo. None of these are challenging to obtain, but it definitely takes time and begins to feel monotonous when you’re in the end game and need to synthesize around 15 Mythrils.

In Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Mythril farming is a bit a tricky, but is possible using precise methods. One of which, I came across by accident and haven’t seen anywhere else. Using Bambi to farm Mythril Shards in The End of the World, I obtained a Mythril in the Deep Jungle section in the World Terminus. Bambi is essential for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Mythril farming and can be obtained from the Fairy Godmother in the Mythical House in Traverse Town after returning the first set of pages to the 100 Acre Wood.

khhd-bambi-summonTo elaborate on the Bambi summon, Bambi drops an item for every 6 enemies you defeat. What world you’re in dictates what he will drop. In The End of the World, after 12 enemies he can drop a Mythril Shard and after 18 he can drop a Mythril. The only problem with this that after you the Final Rest, no areas in The End of The World have enough enemies to farm for Mythril.

This is where the finesse kicks in. Make sure you equip Sora with Encounter Up and everybody with Lucky Strike. Go to the World Terminus save point in The End of the World and work your way back to the Deep Jungle section and summon Bambi. There are 15 Heartless, but there’s potential for at least 20. This area contains Powerwilds and Bouncywilds (I suggest spamming Thunder to fight them since it’s fast and Bambi drops more than enough MP).

m_1255923108137Bouncywilds have the ability to summon 2 more Powerwilds. If you let 2 Bounywilds do this, you can get a Mythril. Unfortunately, Bouncywilds will eventually run away wasting valuable resources. Also, Bambi doesn’t always drop Mythrils, but you should at least get a Mythril Shard for your effort. My success rate is between 15-20% for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Mythril farming. A bit tough still, but I preferred this method over farming 75 Mythril Shards and fighting that stupid Pot Scorpion 15 times.



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