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A Return To SOCOM’s Roots? H-Hour: World’s Elite First-Look Trailer

When the newly founded development team SOF Studios, headed by original SOCOM creator David Sears, raised $250,000 on Kickstarter to fund what was essentially a reboot of his classic military combat series, fans around the world rejoiced. The new title is called H-Hour: World’s Elite, is a PS4 exclusive and currently has no release date.

As a little new year’s gift for 2014, SOF Studios have released a trailer of pre-alpha footage for the game. Check it out below.

On show is a minute or so of footage featuring one level and some combat between two teams. A huge disclaimer at the start notes that none of the footage is polished or even tuned, this is fully pre-alpha stuff. However the design direction is clear: it looks typically SOCOM, without the interface and control funkiness of the mediocre SOCOM 4. Which can only be a good thing. It looks like the team are returning to the tight, controlled, strategic roots of the series’ origins.

Something which got me particularly excited was the size of the map on show. It ranges fairly far out to the distance and appears to capture that quality of space which the early SOCOM games always achieved. On their Kickstarter page, the team tout vehicular additions and a long campaign- perhaps maps will be larger than ever.

I have incredibly fond memories of the original PlayStation 2’s Network Adapter and SOCOM bundle- and hours upon hours of fun playing the game. I always felt there was a tactical action game itch which wasn’t scratched by Call Of Duty or Battlefield; and hopefully H-Hour will be the game to scratch that itch. Watch this space for further information the team offer up in coming years.